Traditional building with a modern touch

One of our goals at The Pueblo Project is to blend traditional building techniques with modern adaptations. A lot of people wonder just what that means though - triple­-pane glass? Rare imported specialty tools? Purposely rusted metal roofs?

Not quite. Actually, not even close.

For us, it is about adapting modern techniques to the vast traditional building knowledge that Nicaraguans already possess...

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Home Improvement Initiative is a Success!

We just finished our work in the community of Sabana Grande, where Liz first volunteered in 2011 and discovered a strong spirit and simple earthen homes.

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The Magic of the Season Begins

The Pueblo Project team has been in Nicaragua for our first week and though we can't count the number of chicken buses or dusty miles we can say that we've had three very exciting meetings in three pueblos in the north for upcoming workshops and home improvements. Each community we will be working with is rich and unique as they seek solutions that fit with their particular locale, knowledge, available materials, and desires for learning. Here's what we have in the works!

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Collaborative Home Improvements in the Pueblo

There is a term that's used in Nicaragua, “casas dignas” that refers to the idea of dignified housing for all people. This is what the Nicaragua Pueblo Project is all about and what we are striving to achieve. I've been thinking about that term 'casas dignas' a lot as the impact of NPP grows. I know we will not see dignified housing for all by us building houses for Nicaraguans, but rather in the training and transference of sought-after skills directly to the people whose homes they are. 


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Meet Darling and Yuliet

Darling and JulietDarling and Yuliet (14 and 15 yrs old) are sisters and two of my younger natural building students from the small pueblo of San Andres in northern Nicaragua. After our three week natural building course in Feb. they took the opportunity to participate in the Home Improvement Initiative.

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NPP Founder's Article in The Last Straw Journal

Earthen-Building-Blocks-Liz-Johndrow.pngNPP founder Liz Johndrow wrote this article about her work in Nicaragua that was published in The Last Straw Journal. Check it out!

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