Meet Darling and Yuliet

Darling and JulietDarling and Yuliet (14 and 15 yrs old) are sisters and two of my younger natural building students from the small pueblo of San Andres in northern Nicaragua. After our three week natural building course in Feb. they took the opportunity to participate in the Home Improvement Initiative.

They collected all the raw materials of clay, sand, manures, and other natural plant additives from their land and chose a project we could do in a couple of days. Nicaragua Pueblo Project provided a few basic tools and a stipend for another student to travel and help reinforce the skills. We repaired adobe walls, made beautiful clay plasters and paints, and they designed the sculpture for the sitting area in front of their small adobe home. They chose a highly visible area so that members of the community would pass by and see the work. They hope to see these types of home improvements spread throughout their community with their skills to share.  We plan to return next year and help their vision grow!

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