Home Improvement Initiative




-Earthen plasters on the inside of the home provide a healthy, safe, and beautiful finish. 

-Earthen plasters on exterior walls of homes increases longevity of the adobe walls.

-More efficient cookstoves provide healthier living conditions with less smoke inside and burning less wood.

Families in a number of rural communities the skills to implement improvements to their homes.

A team of families (from 2 – 4 per team) will work for a 1 to 2 week period supporting the improvement in each respective team members’ home. We support them through all the stages of the project and leave them with newfound skills and beautified homes. 

The Improvements Will Include:

  • A poured adobe (earthen) floor stabilized with linseed oil.- Average floor size is 100 sq ft. Cost is $5 per sq ft.
  • Earthen plaster to improve the adobe or concrete wall systems.- Average wall is 80 sq ft. at a cost of $4 per sq ft.
  • Improved wood-fired cookstove
  • Composting toilet
  • Artistic clay sculpting
  • Built-in adobe furniture

Workshop Elements:

  • The families will be required to participate in the work and be trained in prepping the space, acquiring materials, mixing and applying, and maintaining.
  • They will acquire their own materials.
  • Tools and training will be provided.
  • The host group will care for the tools and support the training project.
  • The Pueblo Project will provide fees for the instructor and a support trainer from the community.
  • Included are start up costs to acquire proper tools and support materials.



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